Roxy the Lurcher, came to Nico’s Legacy as she was not getting along with the resident dog at her previous home. Roxy had very little experience in being around other dogs so whilst at Nico’s Legacy she was in a foster home with other dogs where she slowly and gradually started to learn correct behaviours. Once adopted, Roxy’s new owners worked hard on getting her socialised and Roxy started to attend a local doggy day care centre where she learnt appropriate play with other dogs and also learnt how to play with a ball, her new favourite toy! Roxy has been in her home for over a year now and is now a very happy and spoilt girl.

Golden oldie Chewie came to Nico’s Legacy, in 2018, through no fault of her own. At the age of 15, Chewie was the oldest dog that the charity had in rescue at the time. Roxy’s owners decided to take in Chewie and on the 21st December 2018, Chewiewas home for Christmas and it’ll be her home to live the rest of her years. Chewie is very cheeky and incredibly active for a dog her age. She loves her walks and loves her food even more. Roxy loves Chewie’s company and the two are now best of friends.