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Our History

Founded in 2008 by Lisa Evans after a visit to the local dog pound which left her heartbroken at what she witnessed, Nico’s Legacy Rescue was born. Lisa pledged to do something about these homeless dogs who were unclaimed strays sleeping on bare concrete, without beds or any form of heating and from here on there was no going back.

Originally named “The Welsh Poundies” every weekend was spent doing a pound list of dogs that had completed their time in the pound and now needed a safe secure rescue space to secure a future. The other option was unthinkable! Rescue spaces were sought and transport runs to the rescue spaces arranged. It was never ending.

As the years past more and more dogs were passed directly to us instead of the pound and a name change was on the cards so after much soul searching Nico’s Legacy Rescue took its new name. Fast forward 10 years and Nico’s Legacy are now a rescue in their own right. Run entirely by a wonderful team of volunteers, nobody from the rescue takes a wage, every penny goes to the dogs. We still work with other trusted, ethically run rescues and are currently operating as a non for profit organisation but are working towards charity status, something that we are passionate about.

We hope you find our website informative and interesting and remember, if you have any questions, are interested in adopting/fostering or would like to volunteer please get in touch. We don’t bite! 

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We aim to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many dogs as we possibly can. We try to get all our dogs into foster homes where they can be cared for as part of a family without using kennels long term.

We have a dedicated team helping the dogs as well as an equally dedicated team of fundraisers, without funds we would not be able to continue our work.

We are currently operating as a non for profit organisation but are working tirelessly to becoming a registered charity.

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Why Adopt?

HoW much is the adoption fee?

£150, this goes towards the cost of netering Vaccinations, microchipping and flea and worm products and any other veterinary treatment needed. The donation fee very rarely covers all costs incured but helps towards the costs. We also do a lot of fundraising to cover the costs rescue faces.

How do I arrange to see a dog?

There is a protocol that we follow. The first step will be to fill in an application form. As long as everything is ok we then proceed to a home check.  If the home check is a pass (sometimes we suggest that a few safety measures are put in place) then we will arrange a meet and greet with the dog.

Who are we?
 We are a small independent Foster based rescue.
Where are we based?
Because we are a foster based rescue we are based throughout South Wales.
Do we have kennels?
 We don't have our own but we do have the option of using a boarding kennels if we have to.
I have children, can I still adopt/foster a dog?

Each dog is individually assessed to their need, so depending on what dog you wish to adopt then the answer may be yes.

I work full time can I adopt or foster?

In short... Yes. But it will be down to the individual dog as they are all assessed individually and homed to their own unique needs.

Who are we

The Nico’s Team