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We aim to help rescue, rehabilitate
and rehome as many dogs as
we possibly can!

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A bit about us

We are a small ethically run, non-profit organisation who is managed entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers. Based in South Wales we rescue and rehome throughout the UK. We don’t own our own kennels so dogs coming into our care are predominantly housed in foster homes. Occasionally though, due to the lack of suitable foster spaces, we rent kennel space at local, council registered kennels. This allows us to work with dogs who may have behavioural issues which need to be dealt with before rehoming.   

MakING a Donation

If you would like to help but cannot on a practical level you could always donate. Every penny counts towards helping dogs who are in need of our help. So if you can spare a pound or two for a poundie then please donate via PayPal. Just follow the link using email

be informed

Important Info


We have many dogs who come into rescue due to lack of socialisation with other dogs and people. Dog training classes are a great way of to both socialise and train your dog in a safe and controlled way. You should look for a class that is run by a qualified instructor or behaviourist. They should use positive reinforcement methods and never encourage force or negative methods of training.


From 6 April 2016 it became compulsory for owners to ensure their dog is microchipped and their details are kept up to date. A Fine of up to £500 can be issued should you not comply but even worse if your dog is lost or stolen you may not get them back! So if your details change please remember to update the microchip company and keep your dog safe.


It is important to keep these updated as they prevent potentially serious canine diseases. If you let them over-run the due date then your dog will have to restart their vaccinations again, just like a puppy. This will cost more than just having their usual booster and will also be inconvenient.


Neutering (male) and spaying (female) is a responsible way to ensure that your dog does not reproduce but there are other reasons why this is a responsible thing to do. It is a myth that bitches need to have a litter before being spayed. Pregnancy in itself carries its own risks and allowing them a litter is yet another responsibility, is very hard work and can be costly.

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

We aim to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many dogs as we possibly can. We try to get all our dogs into foster homes where they can be cared for as part of a family without using kennels long term.

We have a dedicated team helping the dogs as well as an equally dedicated team of fundraisers, without funds we would not be able to continue our work.

We are currently operating as a not for profit organisation but are working tirelessly to becoming a registered charity.

Get Involved

All the Rescues we work with are official Organisations and have the facility for accepting donations. They can not always afford to help us with fuel costs to get the dogs to them and in cases like this we pay for this ourselves. We move anywhere up to 20 dogs a month and this can get very costly transport wise so any help would be very much appreciated. 

Upcoming Events

Covid-19 Notice

Please Note: Due to the restrictions due to Covid 19 all planned events have been cancelled but new events will be added as soon as it is safe to do so.

Aug 25th - Barkfest at the Dognasium

Gilsea Pk, Swansea Enterprise Pk, Swansea. SA68RJ

Sept 22 - Sponsored zip-wire

(details to be announced)

Dec 1st - Santa Paws

To make a booking or for more information contact us on:


Sunday 22nd September
A team of supporters will attempt to cross Penrhyn Quarry on the worlds fastest zip wire. Reaching a speed in excess of 100 mph and a height over 1,555 meters this is a truly dare devil way to raise funds.

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